Converting EML to PST, An improved conversion experience for Mac users!

 Converting EML to PST has become simplified, all thanks to Mail Extractor Pro by USL software. This software excels at conversion of mail files from various formats like apple mail, Thunderbird, EML to the PST format, that too without moving files to the windows device. This software comes with upgraded features that allow it to convert the files automatically yet as per the clients’ expectations and needs.

converting eml to pst

Converting EML to PST, Made Easy!

Converting EML to PST with this software does not take any training or learning, neither does one require any previous experience. A person entirely new to mail conversion can benefit from the intuitive interface that guides the users thoroughly to the conversion without needing external help. The process of conversion too is quite simple, one is supposed just to let the software automatically select data from the entire database, then the user selects the files they want to convert. Before giving the command for the conversion, one can also give instructions on the splitting of large PST files. After choosing the location where you would like the output files to be saved, send the command and wait for a brief time, the results would be in front of you ultimately.

Software designed to be swift

The time taken by this software to import EML to Outlook is quite less in comparison to other tools. That is possible because of the fact that this software can convert data directly  in the mac. As a result of that, there is no compulsion to move the data to a windows device, and several steps are excluded from the process of conversion, therefore the time required is much lesser.

Another way this software saves the time of the client is by converting files in a bulk fashion. Instead of the usual process of converting files one by one, the user can convert several of them at once in a single batch.

Ignores empty folders and arranges folders hierarchically

This software is great with folders and knows what  to do with which intuitively. The users do not have to deal with the empty folders as this software ignores them after detecting them during the conversion. Another amazing thing is the fact that the folders and subfolders would be found arranged hierarchically after the eml to pst conversion.

Safe for all languages

This software is compatible with data other than English ones too. It can recognize and work with data in languages that use double-byte characters. Therefore, to convert files that are in languages such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese requires no extra effort.

Talking of safety, this software also ensures the safety of attachments and nested messages. Even if they are nested deeply or their contents is complicated, this software will process them safely.


There would be no problem of slowdown or bad quality since this software is free of faults such as bugs and technical incompatibility. Also, the trial version of it is available for free.


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